Akaushi Wagyu Ground Beef (30 days Dry Age) 1lb

Akaushi Wagyu Ground Beef (30 days Dry Age) 1lb

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Taste, Taste, taste!!! Excellent quality of WAGYU meat Ground Beef  goes perfectly for your preparations. Dry aged with bone and then ground. This process provides a unique texture and flavor (the flavor remains in the meat while the moisture leaves it), the perfect amount of fat that makes it melt in your mouth.

  • Origin: USA.
  • Grade: BMS +8 - 9 
  • Brand: INTOKU
  • Cattle: Full Blood AKAUSHI
  • Alimentation: Grass fed, finished Grain Fed
  • Aged: 30 days wet aged.
  • Weight: 1 lbs
  • Description: 1 lbs. each pack
  • Packaging: Wrapped & vacuum sealed.
  • Condition: Product frozen before shipping to lock in flavor
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